Funeral Service & Package Options

We offer a variety of service options tailored to your needs.
Please take a moment to explore the different choices available to you.

Two Location Service

Experience a heartfelt funeral service at a cherished location, such as a church,
Silkwood Funerals chapel, cemetery chapel, or another venue, followed by a second
service held at the cemetery.

Choose from:

  • A serene Church Service followed by a Cemetery Service (burial or cremation)
  • A comforting Service In Silkwood Funerals Chapel where afterwards you can enjoy tea, coffee, and biscuits for one hour before proceeding to the cemetery for a burial or cremation
  • A conveniently located Cemetery Chapel Service followed by a respectful burial service

One Location Service

Hold a meaningful funeral service at the location of your preference, be it a church, cemetery, Silkwood Funerals chapel, or another venue.

Choose from:

  • A dignified Funeral procession from the funeral home to the Cemetery Service
  • A heartfelt Funeral procession from your home to the Cemetery Service
  • A cherished Funeral procession from your home to a Church Service only (without attendance at the cemetery).
  • An intimate service at our funeral home chapel, followed by a moment of solace with tea, coffee, and biscuits in our condolence lounge (without attendance at the cemetery)
  • A respectful Graveside Service with the funeral procession starting at the cemetery gates

Dignified Silkwood Farewell
Burial Package

This package provides an opportunity for your family to bid farewell in the comforting surroundings of Silkwood Funerals chapel. Please note that there will be no attendance at the cemetery.

Dignified Silkwood Farewell
Cremation Package

Say your final goodbyes in a serene atmosphere of Silkwood Funerals chapel.
Please note that there will be no attendance at the crematorium.

Standard Crematorium Chapel Service
Cremation Package

Hold a reverent cremation service at the cemetery, offering a peaceful gathering.
The cortege will assemble at the cemetery.

Direct Cremation Package

Choose a respectful cremation where up to 5 family members can attend a 10 minute committal in the crematorium chapel.

To choose one of the funeral service packages or to make further enquiries, call Julie on (08) 9375 8888 or Mobile 0417 994 700 to arrange the ultimate goodbye to your loved one.

Note: Package options 3-6 are applicable to weekdays, and adult funerals only. Additional charges apply to a weekend funeral. Charges for an infant or a child are priced at the time of need